This is How the Preparation for the New NFL Season Works

The Official Treasures of the National Football League
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The National Football League (NFL) is the largest and most prestigious football competition in the US. Every year 32 teams compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy, named after the famous coach of the Greenbay Packers who won the first two Super Bowls in the 60s. To win it, a team must have the right players every year and cheap NFL jerseys. There are three different methods for this and NFL concept jerseys 2018.

Free agency and exchange

The first method is the free agency. Players who no longer have a current contract are free to discuss with other teams. These are generally players who have been with the NFL for a while. It is of course possible that a player has consciously concluded a one-year contract. Obviously, he will also end up on the list of free agents afterwards. Players can, if they are under contract with a club, be exchanged with a player from another club. This is not possible all year round, but only from week six until the free agency starts. This is a total of about five and a half months.

The NFL draft

The draft is the third way to get players and a true event for most sports enthusiasts in America. Players who make themselves available for the draft are players who just come from college: the future of the NFL. All 32 teams get the chance to choose their players, the so-called picks, within the two days of the drift. Prior to the actual draft, the college players undergo some tests, so that the teams can make good comparisons – the draft combine. Each team, whether it is an NFL or a college team, has its own playbook, which sometimes prevents certain aspects from being properly explained. The draft combine offers the possibility to rectify this kind of inaccuracies. What should these young athletes do? They have to take a ’40-yard dash ‘, it is tested how high the jumping ability is, reaction time is tested and it is checked which position they fulfill within the lines. On this basis, a classification is made that functions as a recommendation.

The picking order

When the draft actually starts, each club gets seven rounds to choose players. In the first round clubs get ten minutes, where round two lasts seven minutes. The remaining rounds have lengths of five minutes each. In addition, there is a certain ranking: the team that ended the lowest during the previous season may be the first in all seven rounds. The winner of the Super Bowl chooses last. We call this The Picking Order with cheap NFL jerseys wholesale accepting PayPal on facebook.

After the draft

After the two days of the draft, clubs can still choose not to offer the selected players a contract. This often has to do with how much space there is still within the salary budget of the club and whether the club is still interested in the player. If a contract is offered, the new college players can prepare for a Rookie Minicamp: a boot camp for young athletes to memorize the playbook of their new club. Goal: getting used to the level of the NFL. There is a big difference between the NFL and College Football.

Draft 2015

Every year there are a number of rough diamonds available players who want to add each club to the selection. There is always a demand for good quarterbacks. This year James Winston (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Titans) were the two most important picks. The draft took place in Chicago this year, for the first time since 1964.

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